Friday, 21 May 2010

Well Written Content Leads To Success

If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization practices, it is not a shock to hear that good writing is a key factor when trying to gain high search engine rankings. Web sites that hold the top positions aren't there simply because they have the most photos and images, but simply because of how much better their content is written from the rest.

Google attains the majority of their traffic delivered due to the most frequently searched keywords and phrases. These specific keywords and phrases place a web site in search engines simply because they are placed within the content of the site. For example, if one of the most searched keywords is Charlotte Web Design tips, placing those keywords within your web site will draw majority of Google's unique viewers.

Often, companies and web designer do not understand the importance of having well written content. Many get caught up in posting videos, images, and other types of web content way before proper grammar.

Suggested Content Success Features

* Updates - Your written content should be regularly updated. Fresh content draws in more visitors.

* Paragraphs - Long drawn out paragraphs normally aren't read. Try to keep paragraphs to a minimum of 1-4 sentences.

* Content Relevance - Your text should include frequently searched keywords and phrases associated with search engines.

* Spelling and Grammar - Yes, errors are common on any web site. You can eliminate these errors by using tools such as spell check.

* Lists - Use bullets and numeric formats for text.

Content Management is very helpful when it comes to updating and placing written matter on websites. Also, we recommend that you frequently update your site in order to keep it new and innovative.

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