Sunday, 17 October 2010

Google's "Big Daddy" Purportedly Causing Havoc With Page Rankings

Bigdaddy, Google's new data centre, isn't news to most webmasters; both Search Engine Watch and Webmaster World's forums have discussed the technology since late 2005, and even Google's own Chief Search Engineer Matt Cutts has blogged the topic extensively. Even the reason behind the naming convention (one of the Google staff's kids call him Big Daddy at home) is out in the open.

How Bigdaddy will affect page rankings within Google however, still remains to be seen, although there is a lot of speculation floating around the Net. Mr. Cutt's blog states that the new foundation will improve cannonicalization, which is the computer code that tells a search engine that

are all the same web site. It is also reported that the data center will positively impact 302 redirects, which have been a known issue for some time.

What wasn't anticipated with the update though were the chaotic and oftentimes strange behaviors the search engine has displayed, most notably over the past several months. Although some of Google's previously-indexed sites dropping off the face of the engine may be associated with their reported lack of server space and others due to Google's "different datacenters get different data at different times" statement, many of the problems seem surreal, without explanation.

For instance, Webmaster World's forums have reported large SERPS drops, changes in supplemental result handling, "home page only" results and pages dropping right out of the Bigdaddy index, while the Digital Point forums are asking if Google has cleaned their index and why the supplemental problem is reoccurring.

What little information is available on the subject is only the information that webmasters are providing each other; little explanation is coming from Google themselves right now. Some experts have shown that the supplemental deletions across the data centers have been gradual over the past several months, with the idea that perhaps the supplemental results are being deleted to free up server space. Others have noticed the inclusion of longer URLs with multiple variables, such as database-driven pages (which were not previously indexed), and the product-based sites like BizRate and Amazon generating higher search results than previously found.

Right now, the only "fixes" seem to be either contacting a member of the Google team (most notably posting in Mr. Cutts' blog), ensuring your website doesn't fit within the "too similar" Google guideline (as it seems that sites with slightly different page text are doing better than most) or hitting up Google's site for a re-inclusion request. Without more guidance from Google though, there isn't much webmasters can actively do at the moment, other than sit back and watch Bigdaddy work out the search engine-retrieval bugs, talk over the situation with other webmasters, and stay as informed on the subject as possible.

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Extremely Large And Extremely Small Televisions

For the last 5 or 6 years the media (and therefore also the public) has focused either the huge television sets or the extremely small televisions that can be carried around in your pocket. On the tiny end of the scale you have the portable players with 2-4 inch screens that can pack enormous amounts of video into a piece of hardware the size of a wallet or even a credit card.

On the other end of the spectrum there are the large HDTVs where anything smaller than 42 inches isn't even worth talking or writing about if you ask much of the popular media. You are sometimes left wondering if there's still anything in between these two extremes - while both of these types of technology are impressive nonetheless.

Finding a normal television with a 4:3 aspect ratio in a similar size between twenty to thirty inches is actually becoming more and more difficult. That is unless you are then compensation by going for digital televisions like LCD screens or plasma screens. The most significant difference between the TV's that are available today and those that were available ten years ago is the fact that modern standard definition television sets typically have digital tuners built in. The TV manufacturers are preparing for the change to digital television (planned for 2009) even though it's unclear whether or not it will actually happen on schedule.

There is a bigger question than whether or not standard TV sets are still available. There are many arguments against investing in a standard definition television right now and the most obvious argument against getting one is the fact that more and more TV shows are being produced in the HDTV format. Secondly many TV distributors are preparing to offer more HDTV channels over the next couple of years.

As the popularity and availability of HDTV programming increases, we are likely to see a great (and expanding) effect in the number of TV channels and TV shows that will change to High Definition Television. The more channels and programs that make the switch, the more people will watch the programs on these channels and the public will begin to ask questions why the rest of the channels haven't also made the switch to HDTV and will put pressure on them to do so.

This is not to say that standard definition TV will be nonexistent in the future. But it is more likely that the TV programs and shows that are produced in the High Def format will be "down converted" to standard definition format and be shown on standard definition television channels, at least for some years to come.

This is actually already happening to some extent as it was seen in the most recent Star Trek series which was shot in high definition. Because this was still a very popular show for people to watch on normal standard definition channels and while it originally aired in standard definition a lot of its fans probably didn't even realize that it had actually been shot in HD. This brings us to another of the many advantages of HDTV sets - Even if you are not watching HDTV on it, there's an increasing trend to broadcast normal television shows in the wide screen format that looks good on HDTV screens.

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Significant Information About Magnetic Sponsoring Online

There are effective ways for you to learn the best approach in attracting your targeted market like magnets do without stressing your potential customers or spending a lot on opportunity seeker leads.

You will learn the best strategies in getting an endless list of MLM business leads that you can use for business. And you would also be trained about how to think like a businessman and how to run your own business.

Do you have an idea on what Magnetic Sponsoring Online is? A person who is adept or familiar with this operation would know that the major distress in setting up a network marketing business is in generating the downlines. There are strategies used that are traditional in nature:

- Bothering your family and friends just so they would help you in your business.

- To advertise your business through brochures and fliers to prospects.

- Giving you target markets a call constantly.

These MLM prospecting & marketing techniques are like antique methods. They are nonsense and are such a waste of time, cash and effort in reaching your dreams.

How does Magnetic Sponsoring help out?

Magnetic sponsoring contains details that can never be found in the old school books in marketing. Consequently, it would be most excellent that a person should be open minded and should be ready to be taught new ideas and techniques. Opening yourself to new ideas and techniques would help you to be more efficient and successful in your business.

With the Internet and a lot of innovations, the network marketing industry has gone through a lot of changes. Nowadays, people have grown to be more specific with their own need and their wants. Everything concerns them and you in the meantime needs to be more attentive to all their desires and needs.

Basically, if the internet will not be able to help you that would have to mean it is not on your side.

Magnetic Sponsoring can provide you the following:

- You will learn how to be a specialist in network marketing. We all know that not all people think the same as marketers; some of these people are lame and have very doubtful techniques. Through magnetic sponsoring online, everything in your life will change for the better.

- When you operate a business, your main goal would be to earn. Magnetic Sponsoring would be able to help you in this aspect by making known to you the principle called funded proposal system. The main goal is for you to earn money that you can spend on marketing. For every business, money is needed. Magnetic sponsoring would even train you to keep the money flowing even if your target markets would not participate in your business.

- You can enjoy a free online program for 7 days and it will be sent directly to your inbox. There are a few videos that you can view and enjoy. These videos would teach you alternative strategies to be used for business. Everyday is a learning process.

- Most of all, magnetic sponsoring online would teach you how to generate opportunity seeker leads or tapping your targeted markets for lead lists. To give up is only meant for losers so you have to think positive always and to keep moving forward always. Magnetic sponsoring will assist you on how to gain your opportunity seeker leads instantly through a quantity of online techniques. Looking for new reps would be as easy as 1 2 3.

To have a copy of magnetic sponsoring handbook means a good start for your business. Work your hardest and be prepared for anything. And it comes with a free online marketing course you can download so go and get the magnetic sponsoring handbook now.

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Effective And Inexpensive Small Business Advertising

Surviving in this economy has not been easy on many different people. Many have lost jobs that they have had for years and new ones are not so prevalent. Small business are going through this struggle too and many people that can't find work are opening up companies on their own. This is something that has been working for people, but it does have challenges. One thing that is hard is getting the exposure that you need on a tight budget. One thing that works really well for that is promotional product advertising.

Promotional advertising is one thing that works for companies of any size because it is so affordable. Even a tiny business can use some of these logo items to get some exposure. It will work so well for a great variety of companies too because of the huge variety of items that they have that can be customized. That just means that it is simple to find products that will work well with your business. You will find that there are many useful items that people will use and keep.

It is a good idea to start small with many new endeavors and you can do the same with promotional items. Pens are a good thing to get initially because they are something that you will use everyday in your business too. These can be given to customers or just kept in a mug by the register for people to use or take with them. Many times people end up taking and losing pens, and that is OK because the pen will be found by someone else and it will give you advertising then too.

For any business that sells hot beverages a promotional travel mug is a no brainer. These could be given to people that make god sized purchases or the could be sold with a free fill of coffee in them. The big chain companies all do this so why not do it yourself. For an independent coffee shop or diner it is a way to pull your customers back in if they get free coffee or even discounted coffee when they use this mug. Some of these are very pretty and bright and are an excellent product.

A natural item to have for any business that sells items that need to be bagged is promotional bags. You can have these made of many different materials. There is of course the cheapest being plastic or paper, but you can choose something reusable too. You can give your store a more green appearance with a nice canvas bag that is decorated with your logo and whatever interesting and arresting images that you want to put on them. These bags will show off your logo or store name as the recipient uses them for shopping in other stores around town.

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

7 Ways To Drive Laser-Targeted Affiliate Marketing Traffic

An affiliate marketer might have all the stuff required for him to be ready to achieve success in a business like affiliate marketing. He might have the required drive, diligence and tenacity to be ready to educate himself as to how the system works. He might have all the tools required in keeping up the business, including a fairly unique and engaging internet site which could earn him a fortune if only the entire world could see it. You see, all of these qualities and skills would prove pointless if he doesn't understand how to drive traffic towards his web site. His business would sink into oblivion along with all the sales, fortune and dreams that he could have realized if he only knew how to win at this particular task. Getting customers who matter, to see one's internet site is a difficult undertaking if you attempt to consider the fact that there are rivals everywhere waiting to pin him down. The immensity of the Net as well as the affiliate marketing world has given birth to this very strong competition between affiliate marketers, each of whom has his very own fantastic product to promote.

With all the sites fighting tooth and nail to get on top of one another, how would one be in a position to stand out? Here are, in my opinion, the seven best methods to drive laser-targeted traffic to one's own web site which if followed, would help folks who are hell bent on sticking it out within this business wherever it is sure to take them.

Step one in generating traffic to one's web site is by counting on search websites and what they can do for the affiliate marketer concerned. Because they are preferred for driving free focused traffic, they shouldn't be ignored at all possible costs. Having top search engine positions is crucial in building links and the utilization of the correct keywords is critical in reaching this goal. Once a web site is on top of the list, it is easily accessed by anyone who would like to see it for himself.

The second way in generating traffic to one's site is by getting in touch with other website owners in the hope for a link exchange partnership with them. Locating websites that are related to one's own site is the first task. Once there, the second hurdle is to be able to negotiate the exchange, however, there are a number of websites and programs that can help with this

The third way is through writing one's own articles. This is a useful way in promoting a site, because great, original content that is appreciated by readers will lead them to visit the writer's own site out of sheer interest.

The fourth way is through collaboration marketing. This is one of the best methods of promoting a product or a service. Having a partner through ad swap or banner link exchange is useful to both parties as it enables them to reach a wide client base in a short period of time.

The fifth is through joining affiliate programs. Having affiliates to do the work means letting them bring tons of traffic to a site. Inflating sales would be realized as a consequence, and both the affiliate and the internet site owner will benefit from the situation.

The sixth is by having a listing of subscribers that one may make reference to every now and then by sending your own targeted marketing emails.The employment of auto-responders and personalised newsletters is one way of keeping an eye on them all, and clinging on to them by letting them know about new goods and services is an essential task that should be done regularly by the affiliate marketer.

The seventh is by knowing one's market through and through. It is very important for traffic to be aimed at people who may have a special interest in the theme or subject of one's product. This way, a solid shopper base is going to be made. Once a future client shows an interest in a specific site/product by paying it a visit, one must not mess around in making an attempt to show him that his effort is worthwhile.

Traffic generating methods are vital in trying to make one's affiliate marketing career a success. It is always beneficial to plan one's moves in any business. This is very so in affiliate marketing. If one knows how it is possible to get folk to see what they want to see, then he is on the right track.

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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Conference Calling - Saving Time And Money

These tough economic times have made it so many businesses are looking to find ways to cut costs. What many companies have come to realize is that saving time, will save them money in the long run. More and more fortune 500 companies have come up with a solution that provides them with a way to stay in contact with their clients around the world as well as with their employees in a timely and cost effective manner, conference calling. Conference calling is great no matter how many people you want to talk to. If it is a small or a large meeting conference calling can be a very useful tool. Every business is different and has different needs that need to be met. Conference saves money by cutting the cost of travel and accommodations needed when meeting with clients in person. There is a variety of conference calling services to choose from and you will have the task of trying to weed through them all. Knowing what to look for will make the process a lot easier. There are 5 questions that you will need to ask yourself while you are looking for the best service that meets your needs:

Would I want the call to start instantly or do I want an operator to direct people into the call?
People would choose an operator for different reasons, if the call is more formal in nature then have a live operator can save you the hassle of needing to connect the calls yourself, and if you run into any problems whether it is with the audio or the video feed then they are there to fix the issues so you won't have to cancel the meeting.

Is web conferencing an option for me?
Web conferencing is where you can deliver a presentation over the web to a group. They are able to see the presentation but they are unable to make any changes to it. This service is cheaper than a phone conference you will have to make sure that you have a good network setup as well as the correct software. The slide show presentation feature is best used with the web conference services.

Do I want to account for everyone in the call via a roll call feature?
This is a great feature for businesses that want to, have peace of mind in verifying that the attendees have all arrived.

Do I want the call to be recordable?
Why record your conference? Recording the conference is ideal in situations where either you have someone that may have missed the meeting or you may just wish to have a record of the meeting.

Are my needs being met and the best available price?
There are so many companies and services available out there; you will have many options and considerations you will have to figure out before making your purchase. Once you have established what your needs are, feel free to shop around for different providers.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Earn Money Online Surveys: Surveys That Actually Pays

There are thousand of surveys filling website at least available on internet which claim that you can earn $1000 to $4000 or so every month just by taking simple surveys. You must have gone though the advertisements like "Earn $10000 even more by taking simple surveys at home every year" on internet, TV and even in the newspapers. But in realty, there are very few surveys filling websites that actually pays and majority of websites are there to waste your time, money and efforts. So, one needs to be very cautious when going for a survey filling website.

There are some survey websites that charge some fees for joining them or have lots of surveys where you actually need to pay some dollars before taking a survey. I think, that's a very risky decision. You are going there to earn some money by filling surveys and not to lose the small money you may have. So I would advice (I may be wrong) to stay away from such websites which require some registration fee or where one need to pay some dollars for taking a survey even if that survey is very high paying.

And before joining a survey website, I would also suggest one to check users reviews about that website and see if people are actually getting paid from that website. You should not go for a survey website where there are some people saying, they are getting paid and some people had views like they never get paid from this website. I himself had a very bad experience with one of survey filling website which was A .W. Surveys. I reached to their minimum pay-out of $75 three to four times at least and never get paid from them. Click here to know more about my experience with A. W. Surveys which is a Scam website as per my experience.

Always go for websites that pays directly into your Paypal or Bank account and have very small payout like $5 or $10. One good example of such survey filling website and which has very minimum payout of $10 is CashCrate and people are actually getting paid from this website. So there is no risk associated with this website if you want to earn some cash online taking surveys with CashCrate website.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

How To Watch Movies - The Best Way To Watch Movies Online

The best way to watch movies online is to do so for free. You can even get the latest releases that are still in the theater when you go online and watch movies. This is a free way that you can entertain yourself by finding movies that you want to see or even browsing a catalog of movies that you can watch from your own computer. If you are looking for a way to entertain yourself without it costing you any money, then this is the best way to do so.

When you go to a site that will let you watch movies online, you need to first take a look at the movies that are available. There are some sites that offer streaming of movies and will charge a fee for you to look at them. There are sites that have a subscription service as well when it comes to watching movies online. Instead of having to pay for this service, you can get it for free when you go to an online site that can direct you to the movies that you want. You can learn how to watch movies by using such a site that will let you watch movies online for free. This includes new release movies as well as older movies as well. You can skip going to the theater or going to a rental store to get a video when you can watch them right on your own computer.

The best way to watch movies online is to have a flash player on your computer and get them for free. There is no reason to pay for movies when you can view them for free if you just find a site where you can get the movies that you want. You can browse the site so that you can see what you want when you are looking for movies, or just search out the movie that you want to see right online. The best way to watch movies is through a site that has a large selection of movies so that you can browse and see some movies that you may have wanted to see, but never rented. You can also get new releases as well when you use these sites as well. You will be surprised at the number of videos that are uploaded online that you can watch when it comes to movies.

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

How Traditional Marketing Techniques Can Grow Your Fitness Business?

Successful advertising means having a successful business. This includes you and your fitness business. Try these promotions for a change and you just might be able to create a stronger presence for your company in the fitness industry.

Even though many business owners view promotions as a way to attract new customers, there are several other benefits involved.

Any business who offers discounts and freebies will attract new clients, but it's much more effective if you focus on a specific demographic and you have a plan. This, in turn, means that you'll need to put in some extra effort in terms of convincing them to join your specific fitness club. Furthermore, some people will need to be convinced several times before you actually manage to win them over.

How do you decipher which fitness marketing strategies you should use to grow your fitness business? Here are a few tips which take a subtle approach:

Public Relations

Public relations means creating an image concerning a particular product or service, and in your case, it's obviously your fitness club. However, public relations is not only about telling others that you are pro health, but instead, you should be willing to put in a lot more effort in order to leave an impression in people's minds.

You could try focusing on one of the most widespread diseases facing our country today: obesity. There are so many overweight and obese people who truly need a fitness professional's help to become healthy. They may not know where to start, but they definitely your help, whether they realize it or not. In this case, you should run a public relations campaign which highlights the fact that obesity can lead to several other serious conditions, and that your fitness club has several programs in place capable of helping.

Providing your efforts are ongoing, your story will eventually be taken on board by the public, and as long as you've created a good image of your business, people will tend to trust it more. Of course, those who are overweight will immediately think of your fitness club if and when they make a decision to be healthy.

Creating a brand or image for your business does take time, but it's worth it in the end.

Product Placements

Another good approach in terms of fitness marketing tips, is the concept of product placements. This approach is extremely helpful if you know someone else that is willing to make a deal with you.

Product placements for the most part work like this:

You could, for example, make arrangements to have your fitness club featured in a movie, or even in a television show. However, product placements are not always done like this, but instead, you could offer to sponsor some of the actors in a movie by allowing them to attend your fitness club free of charge. Even though this approach won't see your club featured in a movie, it will mean that your club is involved behind the scenes.

So, do you want to discover even more fitness marketing tips? These are only 2 promotional techniques to bring your fitness business to the next level, but there are many more out there. In fact, it's highly recommended that you team up with friends or business partners so that you can discuss various options, over and above the two which have been mentioned in this article.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Online Education Facts

We are in the age of the Internet and computers. You can find them everywhere, in homes, at jobs, in colleges and universities – even on cell phones! Also, we are in an information age as knowledge about different topics is always expanding, though few people can take some time away from their lives to return to college. An online education can help this greatly.

Online education can mean diverse things for various people. This can mean home-schooling options for younger learners who are ungratified with the customary school system. This can mean also a GED for high school dropouts that have realized they cannot get far away lacking a diploma. Besides, this can mean a much more advanced degree for busy workers wishing to further their career but don't have enough time to take further educational programs.

Actually, online education programs are very easy to locate with an Internet search. You'll want to conduct some research prior to signing up. Certain programs let you work completely at your individual pace, others need you to log in at particular times for the lectures, as well as others may need some classroom appearances. Certain programs feature solo work, when others may wish you to do the group work through email or instant messaging. You should be capable to locate a program fitting your lifestyle wants and needs.

When signed up, the greatest obstacle of learning online is that you are completely in control of your studies. In many cases, you will not have a firm lecture schedule you have to stick to. Actually, you will be answerable for making some time to do the required work. Besides, you are going to be answerable for ensuring you understand all the material, plus contact the professor in case you are uncertain on something.

Online learning education is able to open numerous doors for you when keeping the schedule at a way that you like.

We are in the age of the Internet and computers. You can find them everywhere, in homes, at jobs, in colleges and universities – even on cell phones! Also, we are in an information age as knowledge about different topics is always expanding, though few people can take some time away from their lives to return to college. An online education can help this greatly.

Online education can mean diverse things for various people. This can mean home-schooling options for younger learners who are ungratified with the customary school system. This can mean also a GED for high school dropouts that have realized they cannot get far away lacking a diploma. Besides, this can mean a much more advanced degree for busy workers wishing to further their career but don't have enough time to take further educational programs.

Actually, online education programs are very easy to locate with an Internet search. You'll want to conduct some research prior to signing up. Certain programs let you work completely at your individual pace, others need you to log in at particular times for the lectures, as well as others may need some classroom appearances. Certain programs feature solo work, when others may wish you to do the group work through email or instant messaging. You should be capable to locate a program fitting your lifestyle wants and needs.

When signed up, the greatest obstacle of learning online is that you are completely in control of your studies. In many cases, you will not have a firm lecture schedule you have to stick to. Actually, you will be answerable for making some time to do the required work. Besides, you are going to be answerable for ensuring you understand all the material, plus contact the professor in case you are uncertain on something.

Online learning education is able to open numerous doors for you when keeping the schedule at a way that you like.

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Best Web Hosting - How Can It Affect Your Business

With the best web hosting provider at your side, you are simply welcoming a package that can compete with the current trend and needs of any business in our current generation. It might give you an ease in increasing your business's productivity but finding the best web hosting company can really be challenging.

It is quite apparent that numerous companies offers different web hosting packages that choosing one among the millions of provider is truly overwhelming. You may be thinking that you can go for any company and there is no need to invest for the best web hosting provider but truth is, choosing the best web hosting company deserves tons of consideration as it can greatly increase and generate revenue for your business thus, settling for a mediocre web hosting provider would give you a mediocre result.

Especially for businesses that relies their productivity mainly on their website as the power of your website could make or break your business. It is not advisable that you settle for a web hosting company that suits your current needs. Going for one would limit the future of your business since as your business expands and grow, your demands for your web hosting provider would increase as well. It is not ideal that you start with a provider that can handle your current needs then switch to the best one afterwards as it would cost you more money and more time that might hinder your business's growth.

In order for you to end up with the best web hosting provider, you would have to consider some crucial factors when searching for one. The basic factor that should be on top of your list is reliability. The best web hosting company should bear minimal to no downtime period since when your host is down then your website is down as well, which means that your business online is closed. Therefore, it is important that you make a brief research about your desired company's background or history regarding their reliability in the years that they have been on the business.

Other critical factors would be the space or capacity that the company provides availability for upgrades or expansions, security for your confidential records and what-have-you, the connection speed or efficiency for receiving and sending files of your provider and providing reports for the status of your website. The best web hosting providers are those that keep backups and provide outstanding technical support. If these factors are present on the web host company that you are eyeing for, then you might just made the first step in making your business successful. 

Friday, 9 July 2010

You Tube And Copyright

Are you interested in making your own video to be displayed on the YouTube website? If you are, you may be wondering what type of video you should make. While there are a large number of different YouTube videos that you can make and share with other internet users, there are certain types of videos that you may want to avoid. One of those videos involves video content that isn't actually yours.

When it comes to making your own YouTube videos, you will want to make sure that the videos are actually yours. It is common to find videos on YouTube that have similar ideas or concepts; that is okay. What is not okay is actually using someone else's work. This is actually illegal, as many videos, television shows, movies, and music videos are protected by copyright laws. Copyright laws aim to protect those who legally own a piece of work, like a television show, movie, or music video. Since someone else's work is often protected by law, you could suffer serious consequences for using someone else's work, especially if you try and claim it as your own.

What you need to remember about copyright laws is that they include every second or word of the piece in question. For instance, there are some YouTube video owners who think that they can show different clips of their favorite movies, music videos, or television shows. Many believe since they are not showing the item in its entirety, they are safe from breaking any copyright laws, but that is not how it works. You are required to seek permission from those holding the rights to a music video, movie, or television show before using any part of it, even a clip that only last a few seconds.

One aspect of copyrighting, that you need to take into consideration is, which many people are unfamiliar with, surrounds public venues or public events. Did you know that if you take a video of a popular sports event or a concert, you may be unable to post that video online? In most cases, you will find that no issue is raised by opposing parties, but you never really know until a problem arises. In many cases, the venue that hosted the event could claim that they have the rights to your video, as it documents an event that took place on their property. It is also not uncommon for the individual or individuals in question to claim that they own the copyright of any videos taken, as the video focuses on them. That is why you may want to proceed with caution before uploading sporting event videos or concert videos to the YouTube website.

As it was previously mentioned, there are consequences to violating copyrighting laws. In most cases, you will find that the consequences depend on the parties involve, as they often have the most say in what action is taken. If you post a video on YouTube and the video wasn't yours or contains illegal clips, your video will likely be removed right away. As previously mentioned, the parties involves, most commonly the copyright owners, may wish to have you prosecuted or fined; the decision is often theirs to make.

As you can see, there are a number of different reasons as to why you need to be careful when making and sharing videos on the YouTube website. In all honesty, you just need to use your head. You wouldn't want someone taking the credit for your hard work, would you?

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Whats In Network Marketing Books

Network marketing is a business process that can be difficult to handle.There are all kinds of training programs out there.If just starting out, you don't want this kind of training. First off, you'll want to invest in network marketing books.They give you the information you want about the MLM industry.You'll want this to have good knowledge as to what it's about. What information will you learn?

Terms ' What these terms are referring to is the lingo used in the MLM world. Network marketing books are filled with the different terms that are used in direct sales such as 'upline', 'downling', and 'commission'. These words are important to learn when it comes to network marketing.

Useful Tips ' They will also provide you with many tips. You will be able to find tips on how to start a network marketing business, the items that you will need to begin your MLM and downline, and information regarding how much you will need to spend on an average campaign indirect selling. Tips are even provided in some that teach you how to gain success in the shortest time possibe by maintaining your business. Of course, the best advice is to go through each and every tip and step so that you will learn the hard way. Why learn the hard way' In the future, you want enough experience so you won't make the same mistakes.

Profitable Advice ' These network marketing books provide the best advice one can receive. Sure, a professional marketers advise would be helpful. The probability of that professional skipping out the basics in your network marketing process are high. Don't let this chance of reading a marketing book pass you by. There is actually a reason why marketing is given as a course in colleges. Of course, you don't need to have a degree in marketing when starting your own MLM. But if you want success in the future, you need to know the concepts that multi-level marketing uses.

A Plan ' Before doing anything else, you need a good networking marketing plan. Trying to get known as a company is tough to do in the MLM industry, but is always possible. Information on building a good plan, as how to reach goals and start new objectives, are provided in these network marketing books.

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Get Good Resources For Investment Options For Small Business

There are valuable lessons you can learn from investment options for small business available in different mediums today. It is one of the best ways to get information about how to spend money on your business. If you are starting out a small or medium sized company then this is one of the resources you should take interest in.

One of the best places you can easily find information about investment options for small business today is on the internet. There is so much here you can adopt for your new venture. Getting such knowledge can also work out very well for your business even if you have been at it for years. The world is constantly changing and new concepts about business evolve as well. Make sure you arm yourself with such information.

Your online search for information can vary depending on what you want to achieve. The best thing about getting information from the internet is that you can find everything you need in one sitting.

If you need to know the best places to get capital for your business then you can find the information as well as how much each of the organization is willing to give. If you already have the money, then it is possible to find out suitable investments options available in the market today.

Do not forget business magazines and newspapers. These are useful resources that can greatly benefit your search. The advantage of such mediums when looking for investment options for small businesses is that they are current. If you want to find out what is going on in the market today, then a recent copy of a business magazine can do it for you. Another advantage is that you can go back to earlier editions to find out market trends and how businesses perform with particular types of investments.

Books are always being written about sound principals in investing money. Simply walk into a good book store and select a book that appeals to what you are looking for. Reading such information is important as you get additional knowledge about how to run small businesses as well. You can make a collection of your favorite books in business and investment. This allows you to have reliable material you can reference from time to time.

There are programs in business schools that run for short periods of time on the subject as well. If you want to know more about investment options for small business, then check out business institutions for such information. You can invest in solid training about the subject. Other suitable methods you can use to study include part time online courses that are available online.

You can make a great deal of money if you learn the simple basics about investment. Take your time to learn as much as you can. It is also wise to know that as an entrepreneur running a small business, the importance of weighing in your options cannot be understated. Consult heavily with professionals who offer this type of services. Another option you can consider is to insure your business. You can then go ahead and engage in one of the investment options for small business.

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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Finding The Best Debt Consolidation Company And Avoiding Getting Scammed

Jake was deep in credit card debt. And the strain was showing in other aspects of his life although he was trying his best to keep it secret. Even so, he kept his minimum payments up to date. But it was stressful. So he decided to enroll with a debt consolidation service.

The company Jake signed up with had been running commercials on TV on a regular basis. They claimed to be nonprofit. With the word nonprofit you can't go wrong right? Not so fast.

As usual with debt consolidation, Jake was required to close all his revolving (credit card) accounts and to not establish new credit for the next three years. Not a problem, he thought: anything to get out of debt. He was also advised to stop making payments to his creditors and start sending payments to the company.

The first payment, he was told, would go to the company. Jake would have to "find a way" to hold his creditors off for that first month. He would also pay the company a monthly fee on each account. This caused his total monthly amount to balloon, but the company convinced him that would change since his interest rates would go down significantly after three months of making timely payments. Not so bad, after all.

Then the company went bankrupt. It was at this time, about four months down the road that Jake found out that none of his payments had ever been paid out to his creditors. His credit was ruined and now he had accrued late fees and over-limit fees.

While finding the best debt consolidation company can be overwhelming, it is crucial to your goal of becoming debt-free. Scams companies are galore, and you could find yourself ruined.

Here are 5 points that hopefully will help you make the right choice:

1. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling and The Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies are two organizations that can help you find reputable nonprofit credit counseling and consolidation companies.

2. Avoid companies that charge high up-front fees. Most reputable companies do charge up-front fees. If they ask for cash before speaking with you, run.

3. Everything should be laid bare including all fees, what will be done for you, and how the funds will be used. If you detect the least amount of vagueness, run.

4. If the company promises to wipe out your debts right away or remove negative items from your credit report, walk away. No one can just wipe out your debt overnight. Similarly, no one can remove negative items from your credit report (at least nothing that you can't do yourself).

5. There's no such thing as free lunch, even in debt consolidation. If the company promises to help you for free, be very suspicious.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Affiliate Marketing Quite.step 2-Affiliate Marketing System

Step 2 - The System

Affiliate marketing quide.Step2-the system. When you have the affiliate marketing proper tools to get started, you need to set up a affiliate marketing system. Once you build a marketing system you can then start to build your list and your affiliate business.

The purpose of the affiliate marketing system is to turn prospects into leads into customers.

Lead Capture '“ this is a web page on which your prospects can enter their name and email address to enter your system. There are all types of lead capture pages, sometimes called a squeeze page or an opt-in page. There are 3 elements that make an effective lead capture page:

1. Headline '“must have a compelling headline that will capture the interest of your prospects.

2. Offer '“ this is your free product. The product can be an e-book, software, audios, videos or even an email e-course and etc.

3. Opt-in Form '“ this is the code that you get from your autoresponder service that allows the prospect to enter their name and email address and submit it in order to get your offer.

The type of lead capture page you use is dependent in most part on the way it is used.: there are long page lead capture , short lead capture pages that are also called splash pages, there are pop-up opt-in forms and etc.

Utilize The Opt-In Process '“ you must do this after you have captured the lead. Use double opt-in process- the best way to utilize double opt-in and his process is in place to avoid frivolous SPAM complaints.
If you want to properly utilize the opt-in process you must to use this techniques:
'¢ Use Thank You page- great place to put an offer for another free product, or a free to join membership site.
'¢ Use second offer. You are adding more value to the relationship that you are building with this subscriber Often times these free gifts have a backend offer that can lead to commissions for you.
'¢ Use download page. The download page is another opportunity for you to give them another shot at the same products on the Thank You page, or offer different products.

Utilize The Product '“ There are two ways to use the product to add value, build a relationship and possibly generate back end sales.

1 - The product itself.
Include links to tools that will help your new subscriber benefit the most from the information you are sharing.

2 '“ The download package.
A better way would be to include a .zip file which includes not only the gift offered, but also a bunch of bonus offers as well. Give customers a good experience during their initial contact with you through the opt-in process, and add lots of value, they will be more likely to make a purchase from you because they know that you add more value to your offers.

The Follow Up '“ This is the part of your affiliate marketing system that will generate the sales for you if done properly.

Your follow up is done through your autoresponder. A great way to do the follow up is automatically by creating a series of 5 or more emails that will go out every 2 or 3 days to your new subscribers. This follow up is an important part of the system that you are creating.

This email series should run every 2 to 3 days for the first 2 or 3, then every 5 days for the next 5 or so, and then once a week or every 10 days for the remainder of your email series. Using this type of warm up email series many marketers have been able to monetize the opt-in process, allowing them to pay for promotions of their system.

Affiliate marketing help '“ step2-the system. Once you build a marketing system you can then start to build your list and your affiliate business.

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Friday, 25 June 2010


The Portugal history is divided into 7 periods. The first was Paleolithic period where Portugal was an independent in terms of monarchy. During this period, Portugal has experienced a lot of conquests by Iberos, Greeks, Romans, Muslims and etc. Romans were the one that leaves the greatest impact on the Portuguese society at the present.

The second period of Portugal history begins when the monarchy is founded in the year 1128 until the House of Burgundy Portugal's very first dynasty disappeared in 1383. During this period, territories were expanded by conquering the Muslims territory and have those lands for Christian settlers. Economic development was brought to another level by specifically designed policies to enhance the agricultural productivity.

The third period was when the House of Avis Portugal was found. It is the second ruling dynasty. During this period, dynastic struggle occurred and wars had been initiated with the Castile which threatened Portugal with a new kingdom.

The fourth period was when the Portuguese managed to seize Ceuta in 1415 which then lead to the Portugal's expansion of marine sector. During the fifth period, the Portugal's monarchy was restored in 1640 and a new dynasty was established, called as the House of Braganca. The period ended with the invasion Napoleon in early 1800s.

The sixth period begins with Liberal Revolution of 1820 was a written constitution which was established in Portugal back then. During this period, civil war occurred where constitutionalists won over absolutists for the independence by Brazil as well as Portugal's exploration on African possessions. The period ended with the fall of rotativismo in early twentieth century.

The last period was in 1910 where the monarchy falls and the First Republic was established. This period too includes António de Oliveira Salazar which is the corporative republic; the downfall of that regime on the 25th April 1974; and lastly, the establishment of Second Republic which is Portugal's democratic regime at the present.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

How To Get Rid Of "nits"

The term "nit" is merely an additional term for the egg of a Head Lice additionally recognized as "Louse". Head lice and pubic lice glue their eggs, or nits, to skull or body hair exceedingly close to the skin surface. Nits are attached to the hair follicle with a very resilient glue like material that holds them securely to hair shafts and can be not easy to strip off if there is a great quantity of them.

Nits of head lice also called pubic lice, need the heat and elevated humidity that is found next to individual skin to grow correctly. If nits are removed from this warm, moist location they will die. This is the reason they are mainly commonly found in close proximity to the skin.

Effective lice management begins with thorough nit subtraction. Live Lice or Louse can be eliminated quickly with the appropriate products. All nits must be completely removed or the will be a very good chance infestation will start over agaim. You can either crush Nits with your fingers or physicall remove them. Lice combs do a good job of crushing nits in place or if lice combing is combined with one of the nit-loosening lotions found in several head lice home remedies, over the counter goods and products prescribed by physicians you can in fact remove nits without pulling hair out.

When juvenile lice hatch they leave behind the empty egg casing. The egg shell will stay still attached the hair shaft. This empty shell can remain attached for weeks, or months so as the hair grows the empty shell moves further and further from the scalp surface. If left they develop into very evident. Many Mothers develop into what is known as "Nit Picky" and will pick the Nits from the hair of their children. A Nit comb will do this but if time is a factor and you want to remove them quickly it can be easily done by simply picking them off.

When searching for nits, any nits located further than approximately a 1/4" away from the skin it is most common to find that they may have already hatched or they are dead. Though, some new investigation suggests that in warm climates lice will at times lay viable eggs further out on the hair shaft.

Color may be a superior way to discern blank or dead nits from live ones. Empty egg shells are white whereas live nits with lice inside are darker in color. The difference between live and dead nits is plain and easy to see. Getting rid of Head Lice Nits can be simple if proper preparation is taken and with a little patience.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Canvas Printing Process

If you choose one of the better, more advanced canvas printing services they will even take on the mantle of cropping and improving image while being able to advise on the best use of the picture and the most suitable wrap style, therefore removing another three of these 5 simple steps.

Step 1 '“ Choosing The Photo

Choosing the photo is obviously something that you will want to do yourself. Pick a favourite family photo or a portrait shot. Use a picture of the pets or one from your last holiday. The choice of picture is entirely yours and you even use the opportunity to print some of your own professional photography if you like.

Step 2 '“ Cropping The Picture

Most pictures do have a natural crop to them. In the case of portrait shots, a little background can be beneficial to the picture itself but in some cases you will want to remove all of the background and leave yourself with just the subject of the photo. Choosing the right crop also means aiming for the right dimensions, especially if you have a specific space on the wall where you want to put the canvas print.

Step 3 '“ Removing Imperfections

Digital cameras include many settings that are supposed to remove red eyes and other imperfections from your photos. However, they offered varied results in their execution and you can't always get the best results without some touching up. Photo editing software can be used to remove red eyes and blemishes and it can even be used to remove date stamps and other objects from your chosen photo.

Step 4 '“ Choosing Canvas Size And Wrap Style

Once you've cropped a picture and have it exactly how you want it to appear on your wall, you should already have an idea of the dimensions of the canvas that you want to use. Standard sizes exist but so too does the option of having bespoke canvases created using any size or dimension to create unique canvas prints that exactly match your criteria. You should also choose whether you want to use gallery wrap, mirror wrap, or no wrap to decorate the outer edges of the print.

Step 5 '“ Uploading Your Picture

For the consumer, the final step is placing the order. This typically involves uploading the resulting picture file. Don't minimise the size of the picture because it needs to be as large as possible to enjoy the best results when printed. Photos that are stretched can appear to be lower quality than those that have not been stretched.

Using A Canvas Printing Service

Using a professional, top quality canvas printing service may result in missing out some of these steps. As well as ensuring you get the best print quality and use the best quality materials, a decent canvas printing service will crop a picture according to the size of canvas you want and may even offer free red eye, blemish, and date stamp removal. Before printing your soon to be treasured canvas print and posting it directly to you in just a couple of days.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Where Can I Buy Rapid Lash? - A Must Read

If you want to have long, thick eyelashes that men simply go crazy for then you are not alone. There are probably millions of women all over the world who want to have sexier and more seductive lashes. Having long lashes can have a great impact on ones looks. There is probably no man in this world who does not find long lashes attractive. Just look at some of the beautiful women in television and in movies. Most if not all of them have lashes that will instantly grab your attention. One of the products that can help you is Rapid Lash. You are probably asking right now, where can I buy Rapid Lash. We will get to that later.

Before we answer the question where can I buy Rapid Lash, it is first important for you to know what this product is. Rapid lash is what is known as an eyelash stimulator. Keep in mind that lashes are made of strands just like the hair on top of your head and in other parts of your body. This means that you can stimulate it to grow in the same way that you can stimulate the hair on your head to grow. You have probably used a hair conditioner before, right? You can think of Rapid Lash as some kind of conditioner for the eyelashes. It comes with special applicator to make it easy and convenient for users to apply and use this product.

Some people asking where can I buy Rapid Lash do not even know what it contains. Of course, it will be impossible to obtain the exact formulation of Rapid Lash because it is a secret. What the manufacturers are telling though is that the product has powerful polypeptides that can help protect the lashes from breakage. They also make the lashes stronger and more voluminous. The strands of the lashes also need nourishment and this is why Rapid Lash also contains vitamins and protein to help replenish and restore the health of the lashes. Manufacturers of Rapid Lash also assure consumers that their product is made with ingredients that are safe and does not cause adverse side effects.

If you are one of those asking where can I buy Rapid Lash you may also be wondering how long do I need to use the product before I can see positive effects. As powerful as this product is, it still cannot make your lashes grow overnight. You need to have patience. Regular and proper use of the product will produce results in 4 to 6 weeks. That means if you will buy the product now, you can have thick and long lashes in a month's time.

Finally to answer the question, where can I buy Rapid Lash? The product is available on various internet websites. You can buy the product there and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Did You Purchase Another Internet Marketing Info Product Today?

Info products on Internet marketing are to me what shoes are to my wife. Even though my hard drive is loaded with products I purchased with good intentions, I will probably purchases another one today or sometime this week.

Some people would say that my hard drive is where Internet marketing information products go to die. How about you, when the last time you bought an Internet marketing info product?

There was a time when I first started early in my Internet marketing career that some of the best investments I made were in quality education products. I bought the "Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet" for $175 back about eight years ago. To this day they are still sitting on my shelf and I have read those many times.

However in reality many things that I purchase I never get to. Today you can buy so many different ebooks and reports for virtually nothing that it is tempting not to grab them with the idea that I will get to it.

I'd like to offer you a couple of valuable pieces of advice when it comes to purchasing info products online.

1. Do you have anything similar to it that you have recently purchased? If you do have you read it?

It really make4s no sense to buy more of something you have no yet gotten to. Before buying anything new read what you have first.

2. Do you really need it? It really is tempting to purchase PLR products that come with an unbelievable amount of bonuses attached to them.

I can not tell you how many times I've purchased something like this with the idea that I will use the PLR product for something. What usually happens is I do not ever get around to using it, and the bonuses go untouched as well.

It certainly is important to stay educated on new trends in the marketplace if you are in the business of making money online. However you need to be careful that you are not just buying recycled information that savvy Internet marketers selling.

For example, there is nothing wrong with purchasing reports or ebooks on hot trends in social media. I have read several recently on Twitter that have helped me increased my number of followers.

On the flip side if you already have info on doing that then purchasing another ebook on building a list is probably a waste of money. Plus you can generally find all kinds of good tips in article directories and discussion forums.

I would hope that before you buy another Internet marketing info product you would determine whether you really need it. You also should determine exactly how you are going to use it to help you make more money!

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Business Presentations - Why Less Is More

Over the last 20 years, I have sat through many hundreds of business presentations. Almost all of them had one thing in common - information overload.

Don't subject your audience to information overload. The gut reaction of thoughtless presenters is to cram their talks with far too much material. They endeavour to protect themselves with too much content...they cram 90 minutes of material into a 15-minute talk...they survive!

Get your material together however you want and then go straight back to your objective (what you want to achieve) and hack the superfluous stuff out of there!

Only include in your talk what you need to achieve your objective. Including unnecessary material will only cloud your objective; it will surround it with a fog and make it difficult for your audience to see it.

Remember that your audience is only interested on one thing. They want to know what your subject means for THEM. Don't talk about what's important to you, or what you want. Instead talk about why it's important to them and what they want.

If it's a selling presentation, talk benefits not features. Make it customer focused not product focused. Don't list the features of your company or product without then making it clear why that feature will be of benefit to the customer. 'We have 25 offices spread throughout the UK (feature)...which means that we can provide you with a local service (benefit).

In fact, subject all of your material through the 'So What?' test. Imagine you are a member of your audience and 'listen' to your talk. If you could say, 'So What?' to anything you say, then cut it out or say it differently.

Check your material for abstractions. 'We have developed a methodology to highlight the risks in your processes and to increase the usability of customer focussed information from a strategic point of view.' I beg your pardon! Say what you mean...use examples if the words don't make it crystal clear what you are talking about.

Don't worry about not having enough to say. It is far better that your audience goes away remembering one or two important points, than having heard ten points and not remembering any of them. Human memory is limited. Think of last nights news on the TV. Although you may have watched it intently, how much of the detail can you remember?

Limit the scope of the material you want to cover and spend your time thinking of how you can make your points memorable and interesting for the audience. Stories and examples are an excellent way of doing this.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Always There - Anytime - Relationship Advice Online

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If you are having problems in your marriage or dating life, you may find the relationship advice online that you need. There are plenty of great helps available to you but there is also a lot of people who will give bad advice on your marriage, harmful dating tips that will leave you single. You can get bad relationship advice online that will help you break up when your goal is marriage. You can also find great advice that will help you find the person of your dreams or get out of relationship that is bad for you.

There is an advantage to going to get high priced relationship advice from marriage counselors or psychologists but they may not have the best solutions. It is good to get advice form as many sources as possible. You should be able to talk to close friends and family who know the situation well, but they may be biased. Sometimes it is good to get dating tips marriage advice from an anonymous source to help you get an objective answer to your questions.

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The great thing about seeking out relationship advice online is there are people and answers available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You may have something that has just happened that may cause you to break up. Instead of just laying in bed staring at the ceiling you can be getting online and asking for advice so that you can avoid breaking up. There are experts at giving relationship advice that have written countless articles pertinent to your situation. You might even be able to find counselors online who are willing to help you out.

If there are questions that you are too embarrassed to ask of people you know, you will find the Internet to be a great place to ask questions while retaining a level of anonymity. The great thing about it is you can ask for advice in secret. No one has to know what you are thinking about.

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If you are single and wanting to find that special someone, you will be able to find great dating advice online. You may also be able to find that special someone on the internet as well. Many have found the love of their lives while trying to find answers to their questions online. Go through reputable services if your goal is to find someone. Go with the ones that have a great reputation of not only matching people up but of screening those interested in relationships.

You can find great advice online but it should only be a part of your search for answers. Question that advice you get and ask others what they think about it. Look for second opinions both offline and online. Be sure, though, that any time you need it, if you look in the right places you can get good relationship advice online anytime you need it.

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The help you need is the "Magic of Making Up", an excellent e-book by T. Dub Jackson. In the in The magic of making you will find some very simple ways and methods that will show you how to get your ex back. They are plain suggestions and real down to earth methods although some what unconventional to help you to get your ex back in days - not months or years. The get ex back formula is for people having an intense urge to find out ways and means to make up for their loss. They are no way black magic but works like magic to get your ex back.

That's why it is called The magic of making up, an e-book that can make you relish the true sense of love fully renewed and rejuvenated. This magic of making up lays down all the necessary ingredients and simple yet unconventional procedures needed to get your ex back.

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Make Money Online Using The Power Of Internet Marketing!

Have you ever wondered how life was before we had the internet? A lot has changed since the invention of the internet. A mere click of a mouse can connect millions of people across the globe - incredible! The internet has changed not only how the world communicates, but it has also opened up a realm of possibilities for entrepreneurs that were not possible only two decades ago.

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It's true - network marketing is different today as compared to years ago. More and more network marketers are now building their businesses using the internet. The old marketing methods such as chasing family and friends, bugging strangers in the shopping malls, cold-calling prospects and so on are no longer effective in this internet age.

Having said that, using the internet does NOT guarantee your business success. Why is that? See, internet marketing takes more than an internet connection, a personal computer and perhaps a website. It involves a lot actually if you want to become successful. The internet is extremely competitive and it's very, very important to learn how to use it to market your business effectively.

I see some new internet marketers failing miserably as they attempt to make money online. They either have no experience or idea about using internet marketing to build their businesses. They get overwhelmed by all what is out there and get lost in the forest of internet marketing. If you are one of them, then pay close attention...

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If you are serious about achieving success by marketing your business and make money online, then you need to find the best internet marketing system. With countless marketing systems out there, it is imperative that you conduct your own research and look for the one which meets the following criteria:

- Offers personalised online marketing solutions for all levels of expertise and budget,

- Provides tools required to market your business anywhere in the world,

- Focuses on comprehensive training and education:

* teaches cutting-edge internet marketing techniques
* conducts regular educational webinars and calls
* provides entrepreneurial and mindset training
* hosts live internet marketing events

- Provides easily accessible support facilities to help with any technical issues,

- Offers personal mentoring by top earners in the industry to create success in others,

- Has a call centre doing the sifting and sorting process, closing sales for you.

Finding the best internet marketing system will save you a lot of money as well as months and months of your learning curve and help you to make money online faster!

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Monday, 14 June 2010

Why Your Net Biz Fail?

There are a number of people who have joined Your Net Biz who are making quite a bit of money and of course that is wonderful applaude them. Is it not, one of the best things in life to be in a position to have the money you need in order to acquire the things necessary to make your life more comfortable? If you have a family, you may want to provide the extras to make your family members lives more comfortable or send your children to the "better" university. Can you make this happen? It is all up to you. You are the captain of your ship and only you can give orders to you.

I can tell you one way to make this all closer to happening…it is all possible when you join a home business like Your Net Biz. This company is one of the most trusted home business opportunities in the industry today. This is not one of those flashy companies where we are going to place platters full of money held in front of you held by young pretty woman. Yes, sex does sell, but I am not selling sex and never will. That is a private matter between two consenting adults. What I am offering is an opportunity for you to to step ahead of the pack and begin to come into your own greatness and make some serious money and in some cases, just some extra money, if that is all you want. I am not from the J.O.B. camp, "just over broke". I know a lot of people who like there jobs and just need some extra money to get the extras. My business opportunity can help you with that. Of course, if you do not want
to stay on your job, I will urge you to stay on the job until you are making more money with Your Net Biz than you are making on your job.

Your Net Biz offers many digital products, videos and ebooks, most of which you will have full resale rights so you can sell an entire package as a business opportunity or you may sell individuals products or both; it is up to you, it's your business. If you join in the platinum level, you will also be grand fathered into Primo Vacations which is another facet of the business and can be marketed separately if you wish. Primo Vacations is a deeply discounted Vacation Club. This is an easy product to market as the vacation and travel industry is a 7 trillion dollar industry and there is a piece of it waiting for you. In addition, you will be given all the information needed to learn how to market in the Your Net Biz back office. This is a full service business; it's only helps Your Net Biz's bottom line to help you. I have been in other online business opportunities before and I can say with full confidence that,

Your Net Biz is the most comprehensive home business I have seen thus far. Your Net Biz is a direct sale company. When you make a sale, you are paid directly from you customer and then you are held responsible to pay your sponsor and the percentage that goes to Your net Biz.

There are no creative payment plans and there are no one up and two up plans. This is not a pyramid. You will be offering real products and when someone purchase a product or opportunity, you get paid. It's simple; we have nothing to hide. This is a real business and we intend to be around for a long time.

When you join the business, with me as your sponsor, you will also become a member of the Turn-Key Marketing Group. The Turn-Key marketing Group will provide the marketing information you will need to learn how to market your business effectively. This group is one of the top marketing groups available to you today on the Internet.

You have been pitched the ball. Are you going to take a swing?

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