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Affiliate Marketing Quite.step 2-Affiliate Marketing System

Step 2 - The System

Affiliate marketing quide.Step2-the system. When you have the affiliate marketing proper tools to get started, you need to set up a affiliate marketing system. Once you build a marketing system you can then start to build your list and your affiliate business.

The purpose of the affiliate marketing system is to turn prospects into leads into customers.

Lead Capture '“ this is a web page on which your prospects can enter their name and email address to enter your system. There are all types of lead capture pages, sometimes called a squeeze page or an opt-in page. There are 3 elements that make an effective lead capture page:

1. Headline '“must have a compelling headline that will capture the interest of your prospects.

2. Offer '“ this is your free product. The product can be an e-book, software, audios, videos or even an email e-course and etc.

3. Opt-in Form '“ this is the code that you get from your autoresponder service that allows the prospect to enter their name and email address and submit it in order to get your offer.

The type of lead capture page you use is dependent in most part on the way it is used.: there are long page lead capture , short lead capture pages that are also called splash pages, there are pop-up opt-in forms and etc.

Utilize The Opt-In Process '“ you must do this after you have captured the lead. Use double opt-in process- the best way to utilize double opt-in and his process is in place to avoid frivolous SPAM complaints.
If you want to properly utilize the opt-in process you must to use this techniques:
'¢ Use Thank You page- great place to put an offer for another free product, or a free to join membership site.
'¢ Use second offer. You are adding more value to the relationship that you are building with this subscriber Often times these free gifts have a backend offer that can lead to commissions for you.
'¢ Use download page. The download page is another opportunity for you to give them another shot at the same products on the Thank You page, or offer different products.

Utilize The Product '“ There are two ways to use the product to add value, build a relationship and possibly generate back end sales.

1 - The product itself.
Include links to tools that will help your new subscriber benefit the most from the information you are sharing.

2 '“ The download package.
A better way would be to include a .zip file which includes not only the gift offered, but also a bunch of bonus offers as well. Give customers a good experience during their initial contact with you through the opt-in process, and add lots of value, they will be more likely to make a purchase from you because they know that you add more value to your offers.

The Follow Up '“ This is the part of your affiliate marketing system that will generate the sales for you if done properly.

Your follow up is done through your autoresponder. A great way to do the follow up is automatically by creating a series of 5 or more emails that will go out every 2 or 3 days to your new subscribers. This follow up is an important part of the system that you are creating.

This email series should run every 2 to 3 days for the first 2 or 3, then every 5 days for the next 5 or so, and then once a week or every 10 days for the remainder of your email series. Using this type of warm up email series many marketers have been able to monetize the opt-in process, allowing them to pay for promotions of their system.

Affiliate marketing help '“ step2-the system. Once you build a marketing system you can then start to build your list and your affiliate business.

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