Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Canvas Printing Process

If you choose one of the better, more advanced canvas printing services they will even take on the mantle of cropping and improving image while being able to advise on the best use of the picture and the most suitable wrap style, therefore removing another three of these 5 simple steps.

Step 1 '“ Choosing The Photo

Choosing the photo is obviously something that you will want to do yourself. Pick a favourite family photo or a portrait shot. Use a picture of the pets or one from your last holiday. The choice of picture is entirely yours and you even use the opportunity to print some of your own professional photography if you like.

Step 2 '“ Cropping The Picture

Most pictures do have a natural crop to them. In the case of portrait shots, a little background can be beneficial to the picture itself but in some cases you will want to remove all of the background and leave yourself with just the subject of the photo. Choosing the right crop also means aiming for the right dimensions, especially if you have a specific space on the wall where you want to put the canvas print.

Step 3 '“ Removing Imperfections

Digital cameras include many settings that are supposed to remove red eyes and other imperfections from your photos. However, they offered varied results in their execution and you can't always get the best results without some touching up. Photo editing software can be used to remove red eyes and blemishes and it can even be used to remove date stamps and other objects from your chosen photo.

Step 4 '“ Choosing Canvas Size And Wrap Style

Once you've cropped a picture and have it exactly how you want it to appear on your wall, you should already have an idea of the dimensions of the canvas that you want to use. Standard sizes exist but so too does the option of having bespoke canvases created using any size or dimension to create unique canvas prints that exactly match your criteria. You should also choose whether you want to use gallery wrap, mirror wrap, or no wrap to decorate the outer edges of the print.

Step 5 '“ Uploading Your Picture

For the consumer, the final step is placing the order. This typically involves uploading the resulting picture file. Don't minimise the size of the picture because it needs to be as large as possible to enjoy the best results when printed. Photos that are stretched can appear to be lower quality than those that have not been stretched.

Using A Canvas Printing Service

Using a professional, top quality canvas printing service may result in missing out some of these steps. As well as ensuring you get the best print quality and use the best quality materials, a decent canvas printing service will crop a picture according to the size of canvas you want and may even offer free red eye, blemish, and date stamp removal. Before printing your soon to be treasured canvas print and posting it directly to you in just a couple of days.

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