Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Dear Fellow Net Entrepreneur --

If you’ve got a web site, you can bet your life that someone, somewhere is stealing from it. 
… Going direct to your product pages before they have even bought the product … copying and pasting your content and passing it off as their own …opening up your site in their frames and getting the credit for it ... harvesting email addresses to sell to spammers…

Believe me, I’ve seen entire companies doing this for a LIVING!
As a business man, it’s been a huge issue for me over the years -- and last year, I finally decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

So, I got serious about finding a way to stop people ripping us off.

I ended up spending a fortune on software, most of which was completely useless or vastly overpriced.

Finally, three months ago, I discovered HTML-Protector. And it has revolutionized the way I operate - and saved me a FORTUNE from site thieves!

I don’t see why these idiots should get away with stealing. And so if you have a site you’d like to keep protected, then I’d like to recommend HTML-Protector – for a total protection solution that REALLY WORKS.

Check out the site – and get secure: 

To your online success,

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