Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Why Continuity Sites Are Good And Can Help You Succeed

Essentially, there are 2 types of membership sites. Paid websites and free websites. The two kinds of membership sites have one thing in common. Their memberships are consist of people who share a similar interest or have a common need.

Even without paying for a membership, one can still get a domain, have a website and still be able to select who to admit and not.The earnings will come eventually from sales to members after they have signed up. Free network websites are made available to anyone for whatever purpose they may want to use it. Group sites on MSN and on Yahoo are examples of free membership websites. Anyone can join and set up these sites free of charge. Paid administrator or moderators are also not needed from these sites.

Every website has its own set of rules and code of conduct for people who want to join. The website subjects are many and mixed. There are many "support" sites for people with health problems or concerns and for people who have grieved the loss of loved ones. Sites for those people who are into crafts like woodworking and quilting are also presented.

There are sites for those who like traveling.No matter what age group you belong there is a website that suits your taste.

For every member, there is an available chat software and a space alloted for documents, links and for posting photos. If there's one thing these free sites don't have, it is access to lists and specialized information like music lessons.

On the other hand, paid for membership websites are built by people or ventures to make money by giving information and access to numerous fields of instructions, specific data or lists. Membership sites are owned and operated by individuals who either own the websites or who are hired by the website owners to supervise and oversee them. The subjects are wider and even more varied and surely more specialized than those from free membership websites.

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