Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Reseller Hosting, Is It A Good Solution For You

Reseller Hosting is a form of hosting where you buy the rights of selling your bandwidth and storage space to other people.

These plans come with extra features that make them very attractive to some users. They are excellent for web designers and developers that design and create websites, as they can also include the hosting of the project in the package they offer.

Reseller Hosting is a plan where you have the ability of re-selling the bandwidth and space you have contracted. This is a great plan if a) you are good at selling hosting plans, or b) you have plenty of friends and family members that would like to share the cost.

What is often a surprise to most clients is how cheap these reseller plans are . This is because only a few become real hosting sellers, and hosting providers know this.

The best features of reseller hosting accounts are the huge bandwidth and storage space they come with. This allows you to cut it up into smaller chunks and sell it as needed to your clients. This is particularly good for web developers of self contained smaller websites that are not going to grow, and only require a small amount of space. You will probably be surprised about how cheap these programs are. This is because hosting companies don't actually expect you to sell that many so they are not worried about the effect it will have on their resources. 

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