Sunday, 13 June 2010

You Too Can Find Business Success By Utilizing Online Social Networking

hose who have gotten involved in online social networking have enjoyed both business success and personal growth. Not only are you increasing internet exposure, but are able to drive more traffic to any business sites you have.

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Since social networking is now playing an integral role in promoting and marketing strategies for businesses there are a few tips to be aware of before heading down that road.

Get involved by signing up for as many social networking sites as possible. You are no doubt familiar with Facebook and MySpace, and LinkedIn and Twitter to name a few. But there are others out there that may be worth joining.

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By signing up for these sites and providing good content you can increase your online exposure. The goal is to get your company ranked on top of the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine results.

Most sites are free and easy for the novice to navigate around. Some may not be free but may also offer amenities that the big names don't.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to advertise in the classifieds from your social network? That is available now from some sites.

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You maximize your exposure in online social network marketing by completing the profiles made available. These allow you to give your potential customers crucial information about yourself. Include any websites and blogs and backlinks you have along with a professional picture. Your goal is to create a relationship with your readers and a picture aids in doing so.

nvite as many people as possible when you build your network. Include friends, colleagues and business partners to join your network. You'll want to be prolific in posting updates about yourself and your business. This indirectly but effectively lets your contacts know what's going on in your life. You should also join relevant groups that you would specifically like to target. This gives you a great chance to share information about your area of expertise. Some great discussions can come from you increasing your online exposure.

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Join relevant groups and review posts. Share information and answer questions regarding your area of expertise. This will increase your online exposure and build credibility. It can also help drive more traffic back to your website.

The key is to treat this like a ping pong game and keep the ball moving. It's called volleying. You can keep your audience coming back to hear more from you by constantly giving fresh updates and offering good information and even giving out some type of freebies.

Get your readers involved by posting surveys and quizzes. Reward any winners you have and Recognize those who responded. The more they're involved the more likely they will buy from you.

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